Recipes and dishes just for you

You need food every day, not just at the holidays.

We can find a variety of recipes on the internet. It looks good, but you can’t trust that the recipe is real or that it’s just too complicated.

Soups, main dishes, sauces, casseroles, cakes, pizzas, sweet dishes, pancakes, wedges, marinades, preserves – let’s not make the same thing every day. On weekdays, we’ll make soup and main course, on weekends, something more substantial and tasty, and on holidays, we’ll set the table in the best traditions.

Sweet, meat, vegetarian, dietary, seasonal (courgette, pumpkin), national (Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Latvian) or festive (Easter, Christmas, Midsummer). The variety of dishes is simply amazing and you can cook them all at home.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own recipes too. Make your own cookbook of your favourite recipes.

The Food Portal will help you eat more and discover new flavours.

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